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It’s that time again! Here are a couple things I’ve been working on lately:

The first is a preview of the new documentary play Cancer Stories being staged this weekend at the Overture Center. Mike Lawler and Talish Barrow are super funny and awesome so you should try to get people to go to the play, even if they don’t know anyone with cancer. Tell them it’s called Candy Stories. Or Puppy Stories. Or Unicorn Stories. Everybody wants to see Unicorn Stories.

The second thing is actually kind of related to that. The podcast that I did with Mike and the Wisconsin Story Project is up! You can either stream it on the site, or download it, or you can even subscribe to it on iTunes (just search for Wisconsin Storycast). Yeah, that’s right, I’m on iTunes. Step off, Miley Cyrus.

Now enough of this serious stuff! Here is a picture of my favorite dragon:


4 responses to “Linkety Link Link Link

  1. great podcast, Sally!

  2. susie samuels

    Thanks, Sally for the tip on the play, tonight at Overture. I thought it was really, really, really good. Made me just proud to see Madison’s really talented actors. There was such a palpable connection between the knowing audience, and the performers telling a familiar tale.
    Your podcast was so…ripping off the bandage honest. I wish you all the best in Minneapolis. You go girl!!
    Susie Samuels

    • So glad you enjoyed it, Susie! My mom and I are going tonight and it’s bound to be a cry-a-thon. But in a good way, you know? I hope you got the opportunity to record your own story in the Storybooth, if you were so inclined, and that you can continue to connect with Mike and Talish and the rest of the amazing WSP team. Thank you thank you thank you for your good wishes! I wish you and your sweet daughter the very same.

  3. Gary L. Jordan

    I was doing some belated spring cleaning when I unearthed your Isthmus cover story (seriously belated). Anyway, I am always interested in stories about people undergoing a health crisis. I developed Crohn’s when I was thirteen. I am now in remission but those first twenty two years were the most painfully formative ones I have had.

    So I wanted to applaud your comments and attitude in dealing with cancer and it’s treatment. It is rather a make or break process and it sounds like you have taken the positive side of it. I have read all of your 2010 posts. I particularly enjoyed the cocktail party one. I agree, being able to say “I’m alive and functional today” is much more impressive to us than any one else. Such is life. Congrats to your family and Ben as well, since their support is crucial to overcoming a health crisis. I could continue in this vein for a while longer, but I really should get back to cleaning.

    Good luck to you here and in MN.


    Faith is when you wake up in the morning and get out of bed anyway.

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