Winter is better experienced in the tropics

Have you ever wanted to be awesome? Leap tall buildings with a single bound? Cure AIDS? Travel across the country by bicycle? Eat nothing but Nutella?

Well, me too! But in the meantime, I just have this blog.

So. Um. Hi! I’m Sally Franson. And I am a writer. And also a cancer veteran (the word “survivor” sounds a little cocky at this point, since I haven’t been in remission for very long). And ever since I got cancer, I’ve decided that it’s high time to be awesome. And for me, being awesome means being a writer.

I’m writing a book right now (does’t every kind-of-artsy person say that?) about my experience with cancer as a twentysomething. It’s going to be a super awesome book. And not a lame book. Not a ‘my life should be a Lifetime movie’ book. Because who needs more of those?

No, mine’s going to have ninjas and dragons and princesses and…hmmm, what else. Maybe narwhals. Because narwhals are hilarious! And I’ll be continuing to work on it when I start school in the fall at Minnesota’s MFA in writing program, until they see the narwhal part, and then they’ll probably kick me out.


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  1. I thought I would send you a note., I am a 22 year HL Survivor. I was diagnosed at 13 and will be celebrating my 42nd birthday in April. If I can impart any wisdom it is this. Never feel guilty for having cancer. Celebrate everyday,and never apologize for being able to overcome cancer.

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