Have you ever wanted to meet a famous (read:non-famous) author (read:writer — my book isn’t out yet) but have been too nervous to try? Never fear! You can contact me because you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a response. Unless you’re creepy, or get me to buy $150 vitamins to keep me in remission. Because I’ve gotten the latter before, and I thought it was kinda weird.

So here it is:

I appreciate drawings in Microsoft Paint, but this is not a requirement for your letter.


2 responses to “Contact

  1. Sally… so glad you are back to blogging,,, I have been checking and worrying… Glad you are just too busy to keep us lowly lurkers up to date…
    Give Lee a hug from me, and let me know when the HULK vigillantes’ are on the move… want to JOIN!

  2. Laurie Cordek

    Welcome to Minnesota. Sorry the job hunt is not going well.

    Is Molly living with you or Ben? Or perhaps Ben is moving to Minnesota too . . . . She is adorable! And I’m sure Ben is too. 😉

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